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These Types of Employees Are Not Management Material

You may have your eyes set on the corner office (and the bigger salary that comes with it), but you’ll never get there if you’re not management material. Getting promoted at work isn’t just a matter of paying your dues. If you want a position with more responsibility and better pay, you need to prove you have what it takes.

The best candidates for management positions are motivated and have strong leadership skills. They’re also good with people and have business expertise, according to a survey of executives by The Creative Group.

But even employees who excel in their current positions might not have the talent to be great bosses. And many of those worker bees are OK with not being management material. Only a third of people CareerBuilder surveyed said they were aiming for a leadership position at work. Just 7% were hoping to become a C-level executive.

But some people are itching to work their way up the ladder at work and are wondering why they haven’t yet been tapped for a management position. Their behavior might be to blame. If you’re one of these types of employees, you might not be management material.

1. The control freak

Businessman stressed and angry in office

Businessman stressed and angry in office A control freak would make for an angry boss. | iStock.com

The micromanaging, control freak boss is the stuff of employee nightmares. This perfectionist manager wants to be involved in every decision, from approving the font used in a big presentation to choosing which snacks are stocked in the break room.

Control freak bosses make for unhappy employees who can’t reach their full potential. Of people who had worked for a micromanaging boss, 68% said the dynamic was bad for morale and 55% said it decreased their productivity, a survey by Accountemps found.

Being unable to let go is not only annoying for your employees, but it’s also stressful for you. If you can’t trust your subordinates to make the right decisions, you might not be management material.

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