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These Weird Workouts May Shock You, but They Work

It’s no secret that there are a plethora of new and innovative cardio classes and strength regimens accessible in today’s fitness culture. However we often find ourselves in a workout rut that keeps us cycling through the same exercises. We have the solution for those who are tired of the routine of yoga, pilates, and running. Mix up your daily workout with unconventional classes that involve interactive tools like an underwater pole or a pair of drum sticks. Check out our favorites ones below.

Boing with Kangoo

A toned and healthy body.

A toned and healthy body. Bounce your way toward a toned bod. | Restyler/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Bounce your way to weight loss with Boing with Kangoo, an overall cardio workout and strength training class that will transform you into a human Kangaroo. Kangoo is a full-body workout for everyone that targets your arms, abs, and legs. The class utilizes special Kangoo Jumps boots to enhance the impactful workout and keep participants safe.

Crunch Fitness is the pioneer of Boing with Kangoo and has gyms located in New York, Miami, Oregon, California, Connecticut, New Jersey and Washington D.C.

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