Thin Hair? 6 Ways to Add Some More Volume to Your Locks

Whenever two people talk about their hair, it’s likely thickness will be part of the conversation. Some people boast about their thick, luscious hair while others are convinced they have record-breaking thin hair. But do any of us know how to actually discover our hair’s thickness? According to Jana Blankenship, the founder of organic skin, body, and hair company Captain Blankenship, it all comes down to your hair follicles. “Look at a patch of your scalp in the mirror. Do you have a lot of hair growing closely together or are fewer hairs growing further apart?” Blankenship asked. “If your hair grows densely, it is thick, if it doesn’t, it is thin.”

And everyone wants what they can’t have. Those with curly hair are constantly straightening their locks with an iron while those with straight hair envy those with wavy manes. If you have thin hair and you’re looking to add some more volume to it, here are six ways to do so.

1. Switch up your shampoo

Colorful toiletries plastic bottles

Colorful toiletries plastic bottles You have a lot of shampoo options. |

Most of us have our go-to shampoo and conditioner, but while that may help us cut down time at the drugstore, it’s not doing anything for our hair — especially if you have thin hair. “Just like harsh cleansers dry out our skin, sulfate-based shampoos strip hair of moisture and can leave hair limp and lifeless,” Blankenship said. “Look for gentle shampoos made without sulfates and parabens that won’t dehydrate your hair.”

You may love the smell of that hibiscus mixture, but there’s a chance it’s only emphasizing your hair’s texture — and not in a good way. The next time you’re scouring the pharmacy for a new bottle of shampoo and conditioner, Blankenship recommends buying an option that has ingredients like avocado, nettles, coconut oil, olive oil, and/or honey.

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