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Things Everybody Loves to Hate About Family Vacations

Family vacations never go as smoothly as you imagine. Whether you’re hopping on a plane or packing up the car for a road trip, something’s bound to go wrong — and will make for some hilarious stories down the road. Sure, we all roll our eyes and prepare for some mishaps when somebody mentions a family trip. But most of us love a few of the things that happen on family vacations.

Below, check out some things that everybody loves to hate about family vacations.

1. You always get lost at least once


Family vacations always involve some navigational difficulties. You might get lost looking for your terminal at the airport. Or, you might drive two hours in the wrong direction on dim mountain roads. In either scenario — or one somewhere in between — the realization that you’re lost always feels inevitable. Nobody likes getting lost, especially on long trips. But navigation problems are pretty common, which makes them one of the things that everybody loves to complain about when they grumble about family vacations.