Things to consider before moving in together

Moving in together with your significant other is more than just sharing space and other things. It’s really a big step and couples need to know what they are really getting themselves into. What initially seemed like the best decision of your life can get a little complicated and sometimes ugly. So ugly that you two lovebirds will find it very hard to co-exist. I am not against cohabiting, I just think that if not done right it can be very overwhelming. To avoid the stress and disappointment you need to consider some aspects of your relationship before you decide to make this crucial decision.

How do you manage arguments? When you are living together arguments are inevitable. There is no way two different beings can agree on everything every time, it’s natural. What matters is how you solve your differences and come to a common ground without blowing things out of proportion. Some people treat argument like battlefield and are always determined to win. They can easily create a volcano out of a small anthill. If that describes your partner very well, you might want to wait a little longer for him /her to learn how to solve issues.

Why do you want to move in? People don’t just wake up one day and decide to live together there are always a reason behind it. The most common is that you love each other very much and you can’t imagine spending one more night apart. This is the best reason to want to move in. If you are moving in with your partner because of things like pregnancy. My friend quit giving yourself a hard time. Living with someone you don’t really want comes with a heavy price. Misery.

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How would you like to handle finances? I should have put this as number one. Money is the root of many evils. You have no idea how many divorces have been caused by money issues. Before cohabiting you two need to have a very serious conversations on who earns what, who pays what, who buys what and whether a joint account is necessary. Couples should be honest about what they earn .If you can’t then why are you even in a relationship?

Do you have the same interests? Your partner is Oprah’s die hard fun but you can’t stand it. Soccer is like an addiction to you while your girlfriend wonders why grown up rich men run after the same ball while they could afford to buy their own. It’s hilarious how people like that would expect to live happily under the same roof, I mean how?

Chores. The more the people the more the chores. Expect to do laundry twice or thrice as much as you used to when you were alone. Dishes will be more. If you think that the cabinet will remain neat think again. Men always expect women to do all the house chores around the house but the twenty first century woman is a career woman who has other things to do. Before settling on the idea of moving in, it’s wise to sit down and decide who does what around the house.

In my opinion, a healthy relationship with a future can be ruined by moving in blindly. Save your potential marriage by thinking a little deeper before moving in together.

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