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This Is How Much Protein You Actually Need — And the Best Places to Get It

Are you eating enough of the right foods to stay healthy? Protein, one of three major nutrients you should consume at every meal, isn’t as hard to get as you might believe. The problem is, people who spend all their calories on junk food struggle to meet basic protein requirements — and many turn to powders and supplements, which can be dangerous if taken irresponsibly. You can get all the protein you need from food — if you know where to get it, that is.

Grilled chicken

Grilled Chicken White Meat

Grilled Chicken White Meat Marinate some chicken the night before for a quick and delicious dinner. | AVNphotolab/iStock/Getty Images

When choosing animal sources of protein, go for the leanest meat possible. Chicken, much lower in fat than beef, won’t let you down. Four ounces of grilled chicken provides 36 grams of protein, says SFGate. Since chicken is easy to prepare and store, you can grill a week’s worth of chicken breasts over the weekend, stick them in the freezer, and quickly reheat them for a quick lunch or effortless dinner.

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