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This Is How You Know You Are A Miracle


On your worst days, when the world has been most cruel to you and you feel like you don’t matter, I hope you look at the night sky. I hope you realise that in that moment of looking at the night sky, you are not alone. And most importantly, I hope you understand how no matter what the world has done to you that day, you are so incredibly important.

You see that same thing that has made the beautiful night sky, with all its stars, with its moon, with the millions of planets that exist so beautifully side by side, also thought that you were a good idea. And this isn’t just a pretty thing to say, there is science to back that up. The probability of you existing at all comes down to 1 in 102,685,000

The very idea that you exist, considering those extremely low odds is a miracle on it’s own. You see, the exact DNA that comes from your parents to create you, could have only happened when your parents met, which is 1 chance in 20,000. That alone should be enough, but when you add up the fact that it has taken 5-10 million years of human evolution for you to exist at this time, in this moment, you begin to recognise just how much of an impossibility you are.

And look, look at what your body is made of. The universe loved you so much, it valued your fight to exist so much, that it gave you the blood of stars, so you are made of 93 percent of the very stars in that night sky. It gave you a spine stronger than granite. It gave you iron in your veins to remind you of the warrior you are.

You weren’t supposed to exist. You fought all of those odds just to be here. And that is no accident. You are here for a reason. You breathe this air for a reason. You have purpose, your existence means something. Someone smiled because of you today. Someone remembered something you did that was kind. Someone went to sleep thinking of you today. And more than a few people love you, they would do anything for you.

You are a miracle. The idea of your existence is a miracle. The fact that you are breathing at all, is a miracle. 

Remember this, when the world is cruel to you, when you feel like you don’t matter. The universe thought you were a brilliant idea. So it gave you a chance to breathe and exist even when the odds were so very low, because you fought to be here.

Don’t stop fighting. Never stop fighting. TC mark

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