Cancer doesn’t discriminate based on your age, status, gender or anything else. It can touch anyone. And ― to state the obvious ― it can be debilitating to manage and difficult to help someone who’s managing it.

In March, we’re exploring the reality of living with the disease, which will affect over 38 percent of men and women in their lifetimes. The goal is to arm you with advice on how to deal with a diagnosis and the aftermath of it. We’ll also have pieces on prevention, including how you can reduce your risk for different forms of the illness and what technology is available to make things easier in terms of screening or early detection.

Most of all, we want to make you feel less alone in the face of cancer, whether you’re currently dealing with it, just learned you have it or are concerned about it in the future. Consider this a community where you can feel supported and informed. Come back throughout the month for informative and heartfelt stories, essays, videos and more.