Tips on How to Save More Money

MoneyIf saving money was considered a problem, then it would be considered the most common one shared amongst 90 percent of all humans. Saving has always been a problem regardless of whether one is working or not. In short, most people hardly ever save.

So, why save?
People never see the need of it until an emergency occurs. The air conditioner breaks down at the height of summer. The baby decides to come too early. Illness, as usual, comes uninvited. Or the car’s rear axle needs replacement. It is during such instances that most of us get hit by the point, “if only I had been saving!”

It is important to cultivate the habit of saving for the sake of future survival and stress-free living. In the light of this, the following tips can assist you to embark on the saving journey.

Monitoring Expenditure
In the next one month, record each and every spending that you execute, listing the item and price. At the end of thirty days, go through the list and evaluate each of the purchases then ask yourself whether it was worth spending for. Cross the unnecessary spending off your list and keep the rest. Spend only on the items in the new list. This saves you money.

Banking Money
Keeping or walking with cash in the wallet is a common habit people make, unaware that it encourages spending. This is because with money in your pocket, fishing it out to buy that shoe that catches your eye at the fashion store is easy. This would, however, not be the case had the money been at the bank.

Limiting Use of Credit Cards
Unlike debit cards, credit cards allow one to make purchases even without money at their banks. This means that for every purchase that is over their account balances, there accounts read negative. As such, any money that is credited to such accounts is first used to settle the dues. In a nutshell, credit cards are a form of borrowing; and borrowing discourages saving.

Maintaining Good Health
Finally, keeping one’s health in check is an effective way of saving hundreds or even thousands in medical expenditure. Better put, for instance, if you clean your teeth properly and avoid sugary foods, your oral health is protected. In this way, you save the money that would have been used to cater for filling cavities, whitening, or pulling out affected teeth.

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