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Top 10 Car Brands Everybody Now Wants to Own

Auto leases are more popular than ever before. And why not? For a few thousand down and a competitive monthly payment, you can get your hands on a brand new car. And once your lease is up and you haven’t gone over a mileage limit or damaged your car, you can just trade it in, plunk down a little more cash, and you’re out of the dealership with another brand new car.

In recent years, close to 30% of new cars on the road are leased, showing that Americans are starting to change their buying habits when the time comes to trade in for something new. And this shift has allowed companies like Swapalease.com to flourish. The Cincinnati-based company pairs drivers who need to get out of their leases early with buyers eager to find a specific model. And seeing how modern leases can go on for years, you’re likely to get plenty of life out of the car.

The world’s largest online lease marketplace recently sent its annual survey to over 2,500 random users asking them what brands they’re interested in, and the results were surprising to say the least. Let’s take a closer look at the 10 most searched automakers. Along with that, we’ve included the average monthly payment for each brand. Do you drive any of these brands? 

10. Volkswagen

Vehicles like the 2018 Atlas could help Volkswagen put its darkest days behind it. | Volkswagen

Volkswagen is still running in the red, down 2% from 2016. So why did it make the list? Because it looks like it could finally be recovering from the 2015 Dieselgate scandal. Volkswagen searches are up 2% from the fourth quarter in 2016, which suggests there’s a light at the end of the tunnel from the embattled German brand. The brand’s average monthly lease price for customers is $344.64.

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