Top 15 States Where Insurance Companies Hate Covering Teen Drivers

A furious mom explains the latest charges on her car insurance bill to a teen driver

A furious mom explains the latest charges on her car insurance bill to a teen driver A furious mother explains the latest charges on her car insurance bill to a teen driver. |

You might remember learning to drive or your first few times behind the wheel as a teenager. It was scary and intimidating, and you knew if you managed to hit something, there would be big consequences. But we all have to start somewhere as drivers, and we can usually just let the car insurance companies worry about it if we get into an accident.

Something many of us probably didn’t consider as teen drivers is just how much car insurance costs. If you paid for it yourself, you knew it was a major expense. If your parents were on the hook for the bill, they were likely very insistent that you drive slowly and carefully. There are dangers everywhere on the road, and in some places there are more than others.

An analysis from ranks the states in terms of which are the most dangerous for teenage drivers. The amount of danger can directly impact what you’re paying for insurance, as the odds of an accident go up with more variables at play. It also means car insurance companies might be less willing to offer you a policy at a reasonable price.

The analysis looks at a number of factors to determine its rankings, including the percentage of teens who admit to drinking and driving and texting while driving. For the 15 most dangerous states for teen drivers, we’ll start in the swamp.

15. Florida

Vero Beach, Florida

Vero Beach, Florida Vero Beach, Florida | The City of Vero Beach via Facebook

The state of Florida has earned a reputation. A lot of crazy things happen in Florida, and many people associate the state with erratic behavior — and giant reptiles living in swamps. With that, it shouldn’t be a surprise the state is among the most dangerous for teen drivers. With crazy weather, traffic in numerous major cities, and Florida Man lurking around every corner, there are plenty of dangers.

Next: Nearly half of teen drivers in this state text and drive.

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