Top 5 Highest Paid NBA Players in 2015

With salaries and endorsement deals increasing for these extraordinary players, it is easy to tell why they always have their game faces on.

  1. LeBron James plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers and is paid $64.6 million, with $20.6 million coming from his salary and the other $44 million from his very lucrative endorsement deals.

  2. Kevin Durant who plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder receives $54 million in pay, the majority of his earnings come from his endorsements which total $35 million and a salary of $19 million.

  3. Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers makes $49.5 million, with most of his total earnings coming from his endorsements of $26 million and a salary of $23.5 million.

  4. Derrick Rose who plays for the Chicago Bulls pulls in $38.9 million, which includes his salary of $18.9 million and his endorsements of $20 million.

  5. Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks pulls in earnings of $30.5 million from the combination of his salary $22.5 million and endorsement deals worth $8 million.