Top five dating deal breakers for women

Men are always talking about what makes a woman tick or wrong when it comes to dating. We have heard lots and lots of their deal breakers when it comes to women. But do men have flaws? Women spoke up and you will be amazed to hear the things men do that drive women nuts .They say that some men don’t even deserve a second date. There are many dating deal breakers for women. I would have to write a novel if I had to list all of them. But as you already know, women can find fault in almost anything however perfect it is. I have compiled a list of top five deal breakers that seem to apply to many of them. Trust me some are pretty gross. Read on.

Un-handy. I know this is a vocabulary to many men, what does it even mean. Being handy means being good with your hands and having skills to fix small things around the house. You never really know if he just can’t do it or he’s just lazy. In fact some women used the term “useless” around the house. Every woman wants a man who can fix a leak, repair a chair, quirky doors, fix a washing machine and the list is endless, am always in utter disbelieve when a man can’t even change a tyre. I always pity the woman dating him. Truth be told, even if you have money to buy anything or pay someone to fix things, doing it yourself is attractive. And don’t forget to get yourself an equipped tool box.

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Possessive. It might confuse you with love at first but as the days goby, it’s very annoying. Some men always want to keep tabs on their women whereabouts, calling every twenty minutes asking who they are with. They become very jealous when you become friendly to other people. As if that isn’t bad enough, they try to control what you wear, how you do your hair. It’s sickening.

Lack of hygiene. How do you even reminding a man that he hasn’t taken a shower or brushed his teeth for a week? And if you did, it will not go down well. Any woman would be turned off by the stench of dirty boxers. It’s just nasty.

Too submissive. Men, don’t be fooled, women like men with authority. How else do you think the bad boys get women following them? Women hate men who always follow women decisions without any objections, it’s a sign of weakness. Every time your woman says you should eat Chinese for supper you say Chinese it is, earn respect from any woman by having a voice.

Careless spender. That moment that you go to visit him to find a kick ass screen that he just bought and he hasn’t saved a dime for over a year. Being financially irresponsible is a real deal breaker. Women want men who think about tomorrow and consequently make plans and fulfil them.

That’s me being brutally honest with men out there, it might help you keep a date this time round.

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