Top Reasons Why Many People Absolutely Hate ‘Game of Thrones’

The long-running HBO fantasy series, Game of Thrones, remains a hit after all these years. With six seasons down and one to go, audiences are still as engaged as they were when the small-screen adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s acclaimed novels debuted. But some people have fallen off the bandwagon.

Though the premise itself is intriguing for anyone who enjoys the genre, Game of Thrones has its flaws. And despite its high praise, various elements of the show have been criticized by entertainment journalists and fans alike. Whether you were an avid viewer who has grown reluctant or simply someone who was unable to become invested in the series, here are 10 reasons why you may be done with Game of Thrones.

1. Too many characters

The cast of Game of Thrones at the Emmys holding their awards

The cast of Game of Thrones at the Emmys holding their awards The cast of Game of Thrones at the Emmys | Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic/Getty Images

An ensemble cast is a tricky thing. Shows like The Wire have been praised for their ability to bring in new characters every season while not abandoning the old. Game of Thrones hasn’t been as good at this.

Trying to remember every character is difficult enough, but the unfamiliar names make it almost impossible. Fan favorites like Jon Snow are refreshingly simple to recall, while characters like Myrcella Baratheon, who disappear and reappear seasons later, are hard to keep track of. We understand it’s a complex world set in a fictional historical period, but maybe a few less faces on the screen might make the show more palatable.

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