Top Reasons You’re Never Going to Lose Those Last 10 Pounds

man stepping on a scale

man stepping on a scale Here’s why you’re never going to lose those last 10 pounds. | Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

Suppose you’ve been able to successfully put together a strategic weight loss plan. And, as a part of that plan, you’ve pieced together an effective exercise regimen, along with a healthy and satisfactory diet — the combined powers of which have helped you make significant progress toward your goal of losing weight. You’ve seen some big improvements and made some serious strides. But, right toward the end, you’ve plateaued.

There were other plateaus, sure. But this plateau seems different somehow. You’re so close to your final goal — yet, you’re hung up around 10 pounds out. And there’s a very real chance you’ll never get there.

But why is that? Why do we come so close to achieving our fitness goals, and falter right near the finish line? There can be many reasons — from a refusal or reluctance to make one or two simple changes, to the fact that many of us are able to justify surrender, telling ourselves that we’ve made it far enough. These are easy traps to fall into. Though you may be right when you tell yourself that you’ve made a lot of progress, it’s still just short of your goal — and that final 10 pounds could make all the difference in the world.

You wouldn’t take the same attitude toward other things in life. For example, you wouldn’t walk all the way to the store, get within 100 feet of the front door, and turn around. So why would you give up on your fitness goal when you’re so close to the end? There are ways to do it, after all.

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