Travel Cheap: 8 Tricks to Fitting Everything in a Carry-On

Packing is hard. Regardless of the length of your stay, the idea of narrowing drawers, cabinets, and closets worth of essentials down to a suitcase is nightmarish. And with the cost of over-sized or extra luggage, not to mention the possibility of baggage claim losing your possessions, fitting everything you need into a single carry-on seems like the best alternative. However, it is no easy feat. Rest assured, dear reader: With a few simple packing tricks, bringing all your necessities to your next getaway is possible. Read on for eight space-saving packing hacks that will make prepping for your next trip stress-free.

1. Fold to perfection

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Packing, travel, suitcase, clothes Man folding his clothes as he packs |

It’s common knowledge that a neatly folded pile of clothes will fit in your suitcase better than a chaotic clump. But it’s a well-kept packing secret that the way you fold your pieces can actually impact the amount of space they take up. According to USA Today, there are three crucial folding techniques you need to know: the traditional fold, rolling fold, and bundle fold. In layman’s terms? A traditional fold is perfect for those pieces that wrinkle easy such as your dress shirt or a pair of trousers. Just as you would with your laundry, fold each garment along the seams for neat results. For those thicker clothes such as pajamas and sweats, a rolling fold does the trick. Simply fold the garment once vertically and then wind it up into a compact roll. As for the bundle fold? Use this if you’re hopping to allot one section of your suitcase to your threads. For the best results, surround small, wrinkle-proof pieces with your heavier, crinkle-prone apparel.

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