Travel Guide: Disappearing Travel Destinations You Need to Visit

We learn from the news that lions, rhinos and elephants are decreasing in numbers daily. We also have snow on mountains melting faster than it forms and this causes sea levels to rise drastically. Factors such as pollution, global warming and human encroachment on natural resources contribute to such. These are not concerns for political leaders, farmers and environmentalists alone: as a traveller, you need to visit some of the disappearing travel destinations because some will probably vanish in under ten years.

Here are some of the disappearing travel destinations you should visit soon:

The City of Water (Venice)

Venice is famous for being amongst the most romantic cities in Italy owing to its impressive bridges and miniature canals that flood the ancient city. The bad news is that rising ocean levels are making it disappear fast. It might soon be inhabitable as the buildings will start going under, floor by floor.

The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier ReefThis reef, situated in Australia, doubles up as the most breathtaking and largest reef on the planet. However, just like the White Rhino, it is in the list of disappearing travel destinations and it diminishes a little daily. The causal reasons include rising ocean temperatures, massive cyclones, pollution and increasing ocean acidification. With over half of the reef gone, the remaining half is bound to vanish by 2030!


madagascarThis fourth largest island, Madagascar, remains one of the richest tropical rain forests on earth. It is home to unique wildlife such as mongoose and lemurs. Mean human activity such as logging, burning and poaching are destroying Madagascar faster than you are reading this. The bitter fact is that 35 years from now, Madagascar might only exist in your memory and on world maps.

The Maldives

maldivesPopular as one of the lowest places on earth, the Maldives’ 1,200 islands protrude only 1 meter above the sea. With the rising ocean levels due to melting of polar snow, we expect them to vanish within one century. So sad, isn’t it?

On the brighter side, world nations are considering actions that might save these disappearing travel destinations. However, lest this fails, visit them just to be safe. We highly appreciate any other endangered travel destinations that you may share with us.

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