Travel Tips to Spend less on Vacations

“We will be landing in ten minutes. Please fasten your seat belts.”

One day, returning from a vacation in Africa, I froze at this announcement. The reason, before you even ask, was that I had no single cent left on me. My fear was how I was supposed to get home when I had milked all my accounts dry while flying out. I had undermined my destination, and before I realized it, all I had on me was enough money to get me to the airport. The rest of what occurred, I choose to withhold.

After my close encounter with bankruptcy and self-inflicted poverty, I researched deep on travel tips to ensure neither you or I ever experience such a situation again. Here are the tips to help you spend less without compromising on vacation leisure:

  • Connect flights whenever possible. Airline agencies can help with such and in the long run, despite having to switch planes severally, you enjoy more destinations and pay less.
  • Carry as light luggage as you can. This is one of the most cherished in my travel tips. Today, airlines are charging on almost every gram you bring on board. Keep it two bags or less.
  • Budgeting in advance helps prevent excess spending while on vacation. The excitement of new places alters your judgment and may see you spend more than you intended to. Budget wisely, and stick to plan.
  • Cook your meals as many times as possible. Cooking in new places is not as annoying or unnecessary as it may seem, trust me! New food, kitchen, campsite, unique foods, and cookware make this a memorable part of the tour and will save you money!
  • Plan your meals so that you eat according to the scheme. Restaurants and vendors take advantage of visitors and lure them into eating even when they do not feel like it. This costs money and is bad for your health too.
  • Carry food from the hotel to the places you are visiting. If going for long walks, hikes, or game rides, bring food from the hotel. The chances are that the food you find deep in your destinations will cost more.
  • Rent smaller cars if you do not need too much space. This will cut down your rental costs and fuel charges too.
  • Finally, consider the currency of the intended destination. If the place you plan to visit has a volatile or stronger currency, think twice. The rates may force you to spend more or prematurely end your vacation.

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