Trump Rally in Your City? Here’s How Your Tax Dollars Are Paying the Bill

A Trump rally in Phoenix, Arizona

A Trump rally in Phoenix, Arizona President Donald Trump holds a rally in Phoenix. | Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Is your city hosting a Trump rally? Best prepare for a circus. The president has been holding post-election and post-inauguration rallies in cities across the country in an effort to get his supporters riled up. But if you’re not interested in the rally and aren’t a fan of Donald Trump you should know it’s still going to cost you.

His rally in Phoenix is the perfect example. While Trump was getting bashed for his legislative failures and inflammatory comments on Charlottesville, Virginia, he chose Phoenix — a big city in a red state — to commune with his supporters. These new rallies — the rallies he’s holding as president — are more expensive to the taxpayers. Federal funding is being used to protect and transport him, whereas before his campaign would take care of most of the expenses. But the cities where these rallies are being held are also getting dinged with big bills.

That means you, whether you like it or not, are paying for Trump’s rallies.

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