Try These 5 Kettlebell Exercises for an Insanely Fit Physique

You can only go so far with cardio and bodyweight exercises. It won’t take long before your body is ready for more. If you like working out at home and don’t want to spend hundreds on workout equipment, the kettlebell is one piece of equipment that pays for itself in no time. Even if you’re a gym-goer, don’t skip over the kettlebells for free weights or machines. Research shows that using a kettlebell can burn 40 to 50% more calories than a typical strength-training session. It’s hard to argue with results like that.

If you’re ready to embrace the kettlebell and push your limits, the following exercises are a great place to start. They were chosen for their ability to tighten and tone your entire physique so you don’t have to settle for flabby arms, slack glutes, and stomach rolls.

1. Bent row

Woman working out with kettlebell

Woman working out with kettlebell Try bent rows with kettlebells. |

For an arm and ab workout, try this rowing inspired exercise. Pick up the kettlebell in your right hand and squat slightly as you bend forward so your torso is almost parallel with the floor. Let the kettlebell hang down at arm’s length. Contract your stomach as you pull the weight up toward your right armpit, keeping your elbow tight to your side. Lower back down to complete one rep. Do 10 to 12 reps, repeat on the other side, and rest before completing a second set.

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