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TSA Giving Your Beauty Regimen Problems? Not If You Have These Travel-Friendly Products

Checking bags is a drag, especially for those quick jaunts for that quick business trip or weekend getaway. But what’s a girl to do with her go-to beauty regimen that doesn’t follow TSA’s 3.4-ounce and under rule for liquids, creams, and gels. And forget the quart-sized bag. That would never do.

Stop checking a bag just for your hair and skincare potions. Instead, check out this list of travel-friendly beauty products. Not to worry, though. The only thing you’ll be missing on this new liquid diet is the baggage claim area.

1. Fig + Yarrow Facial Care Kit

travel-friendly beauty, skincare

travel-friendly beauty, skincare Fig + Yarrow Facial Care Kit | Fig + Yarrow

Give your complexion all the face time it needs, even when you’re jetting from coast to coast, with the Fig + Yarrow Facial Care Kit. The set is made for convenient, air-friendly travel but it’s the must-have minis in it that had us at hello — from the luxurious Yarrow Buttercream face and hand cream, to the oat- and herb-based facial scrub with honey, and the reparative, beautifying facial serum. There’s also a botanically rich, wash-less cleanser and toner in the mix plus aromatherapeutic complexion waters to hydrate, tone, and balance. You likely will find yourself using these products long after you arrive back home.