Tupac Shakur – A True Legend of Entertainment

Tupac Shakur has been an inspiration to so many lives over the years and impacted just about every aspect of the entertainment world, most notably music and movies. From Rockers, to Country Singers, to Rappers, to Directors, Producers and Actors. Each artist has an individual story about why and how Tupac inspired them. As a Poet and Renaissance man, Tupac covered all the bases of entertainment. With his first appearance in the film “Nothing But Trouble” alongside Digital Underground, Tupac hit the ground running and went on to star in the urban classic film “Juice” the following year. After his rise into movie stardom he appeared in 12 other films before his untimely death. Then, there’s the music, Tupac’s first album “2Pacalypse Now” was an homage to the downtrodden ghettos that Tupac grew up in. But, instead of being a victim of circumstance, he become a soldier for the streets. He became the voice of his generation and generations before him, as well future generations to come. Combining his knowledge of the civil rights movement and injustices that were occurring all around him, into musical and poetic masterpieces. He was a major beckon for change within communities all over the world. As an Icon within the industry, he led a one man revolution that eventually launched him into a world of super stardom. Everything that he said came from the heart and that is where he differs from a lot of artists today. Tupac wanted to be more than a star, as he often said, “Better stand for something or you’re bound to fall for anything”. Hopefully this is a message that the youth of today’s generation can take away from his lyrics and music. To reach the heights that Tupac did, it truly takes more than Swag. The slated release of the Tupac biopic is set for June, with John Singleton directing. Many fans are looking forward to who will be cast in this role, but truth be told, Tupac Shakur is irreplaceable. Read more about Tupac Movie here

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Written by Jessica Sullivan

Jessica Sullivan hails from Los Angeles I'm a writer, Musician, professional nail artist and have a degree in acting from NYU.

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