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Types Of Tears

We all probably thought crying when you are sad is all there is to tears, but the truth is that, tears are far beyond that.

There are three types of tears hidden in the human eye – Psych tears, Basal tears, and Reflexive tears.

Psych tears – as the name sounds, these tears are triggered when we are emotional. All the times that you have been in some sort of emotional state, Psych tears are the type of tears that comes out of your eyes. They are produced by the lecrimal system – which is also known for inducing some chemicals into our brains that help us to relax, that is why we sometimes feel better after crying.

Basal tears – this type of tears are there in your eyes all the time. It is manufactured at a rate of 1 – 2 micro-liters every minute, they are meant to keep our eyes hydrated all the time. They also help in smoothing dirt and dust from our cornea.

Reflexive tears – this type is termed the “fighting squad” of our eyes. They respond to sudden actions and irritations on eyes. The tears you had when you had that poke in your eye and the tears from the fumes of the onion you chopped. Reflexive tears literally help you to respond to such occurrences.