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UAE: Curse Words Online Is A Crime

The United Arab Emirates as of late passed laws against the decades-old convention of using curse words on the Internet.

The new law implies that cursing on the Internet can get you fined, imprisoned, or extradited, reports Emirates247.

The enactment picked up a universal focus on Tuesday when the UAE government federal supreme court requested a retrial of a man declared guilty cursing at a colleague on WhatsApp.

The man got a fine that was excessively permissive, the prosecutors said. The court concurred. The first forced fine of about $800 (Dhs3,000) is little contrasted with the conceivable fine of $68,000 the denounced confronts if indicted and fined at the end of the day.

“The message from the respondent, which contained offending words, was found in the casualty’s cell telephone,” prosecutors said.

The respondent argued not liable to the charges. He was likewise accused of undermining to mischief his associate however was found not liable by trial.

In fact, you don’t even need to utilize curse words to perpetrate a cybercrime in the United Arab Emirates. As 7Days reported, essentially utilizing something like a center finger emoji is sufficient for a conviction.