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Venice and 14 Other Amazing Places That Are Totally Sick of Tourists

Attention tourists: You’re not welcome. Some of the world’s most popular destinations are telling visitors to stay away. People in these hot spots are sick of the noise, the trash, and the boorish behavior that comes with throngs of visitors. They’re worried a constant stream of vacationers is ruining the local culture or destroying the environment, and they’re ready to take action. Some places are considering steps to limit or discourage visitors or are clamping down on Airbnb rentals or new hotel constructions. Others have already hung out the “closed for business” sign.

From Italy to Peru, these are the places where tourists aren’t always as welcome as they once were.

1. Venice

cruise ship in venice

cruise ship in venice A cruise ship arrives in Venice | Andreas Solaro/AFP/Getty Images

Venetians are fed up. A deluge of tourists is swamping one of the most famous cities in Italy. More than 28 million people visit the city of 55,000 every year, and locals say it’s ruining their quality of life. The population is shrinking, residents are protesting, and UNESCO wants cruise ships banned from the World Heritage site. The city even banned new takeout joints and food stands in an attempt to “safeguard” Venice’s unique culture.

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