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Waffle Sandwich Recipes That Are Absolutely Amazing

Once a treat that kids only enjoyed at diners or a hotel’s continental breakfast, waffles have become one of the trendiest foods out there. There are niche restaurants dedicated to the breakfast treat, but even upscale eateries are putting unique spins on the quick bread. While they make a delicious base for any number of toppings, waffles might be even better when transformed into a sandwich. Whether you’re in the mood for something savory and hearty or sweet and petite, there’s a waffle sandwich here for you. These six recipes are so wonderful, you might stop buying your weekly loaf of bread.

1. Monte Cristo Waffle Sandwich

Waffle, jam

Waffle, jam Waffle with jam and powdered sugar for a sandwich | iStock.com

Though nobody knows the exact history of the Monte Cristo sandwich, it certainly gained popularity over a number of decades. Since it’s basically a ham and cheese sandwich on french toast, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to try out some more unusual bread choices. Heidi Larsen decided to do just that, and used waffles rather than bread for this sandwich’s base.

While you could certainly make your own waffles, Larsen opted for frozen ones to keep things easier. She also had adaptability in mind, because you can use tons of different meats, cheeses, and fruit preserves to suit your tastes. “Blackberry, lingonberry, or another wild berry jam would make this sandwich golden,” she says. We also think it would be great with turkey, Swiss, a little bit of bacon, and some fig spread. Don’t forget the powdered sugar!

Visit foodiecrush for the recipe.