Walmart and 15 Other Stores Everybody Loves to Hate

Some customers are not happy with Walmart

Some customers are not happy with Walmart Walmart complaints | Walmart’s Facebook

Americans love Trader Joe’s and Amazon. Those two stores earned top marks in the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s survey. But respondents were disappointed by many other big chains, which they rated based on factors, including cleanliness, checkout speed, merchandise selection, and customer service.

In general, most stores are doing a better job making customers happy, the survey found. Overall satisfaction scores are up 4.7 points since 2016 to 78.3, the highest ever. Retailers have made efforts to improve the customer experience, such as expanding online purchasing and store pickup options, which has helped boost scores. Lower gas and food prices also put shoppers in a better mood overall. But there’s a dark side to the higher customer satisfaction ratings.

Although almost every store in the six categories surveyed improved their satisfaction rating, many are still earning below-average ratings, including retail behemoths, such as Walmart. Shoppers were especially disappointed with their experience at the following 16 most hated stores. In fact, No. 9 recently announced plans to close 60 stores across the country.

16. Overstock was the lowest-scoring store in the online retail category, earning 79 out of 100 points. The average score for internet retailers was 83 out of 100. Still, despite its poor showing among its online competitors, scored better than many brick-and-mortar stores. After all, you never have to wait in line to buy online.

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