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Want a Ballerina Body? Exercises Professional Dancers Swear By

It’s no wonder why so many people click on workout plans online that claim to give you a “dancer’s body.” Why wouldn’t you want the body of a dancer? Those toned arms! That tight midsection! Those legs, like works of art! Whether you dream of looking like a prima ballerina or aspire to resemble a music video queen, adding dance-friendly moves to your own workout repertoire is very doable. Here are some exercises that professional dancers swear by — high bun and Danskin shoes sold separately.

1. Calf raises

ballerina's pointed toes

ballerina's pointed toes Calf raises will shape your legs in no time. | iStock.com/Fedinchik

Whether they are on pointe or in a jazz class, dancers across the board are lifting up into relevé and giving their calves a workout. In addition to giving you shapely legs, this exercise is also great for stabilizing your ankles. Try some basic calf raises — slowly lifting up onto your tiptoes and then slowly lowering back down. Want to copy what they do in ballet? Do this exercise with your feet turned in to first position.

Pro tip: When doing an exercise in a ballet position, make sure you are turning out from your hips, not at your knees. It doesn’t matter how far you can turn your feet out — if you do it improperly, you risk serious injury.

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