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Want a Better Butt? Try These 6 Glute Exercises

You may hit the gym regularly, but think about the last time you focused your attention on your glutes. By strengthening your glutes, you will not only work your way to a better butt, but you can help protect your knees from injury. In addition, it will help relieve compression and pain in your lower back by relieving the often overworked psoas muscle, which takes over when your glutes aren’t activating as they should. Not only do strong glutes keep your knees and back safe, but they condition your body to lift more weight to build muscle faster.

Next time you hit the gym, give your arms, pecs, and abs a break and get ready to get low with these glute exercises.

1. Squats

woman dumbbell squat

woman dumbbell squat Squats will set your glutes on fire. | iStock.com/LUNAMARINA

This go-to exercise not only works your glutes, but also gives your legs, core, hips, and lower back a workout. With so many muscles getting a workout you’ll want to ensure you actually engage your glutes by dropping your butt as low as possible, dipping below your knees. Keep proper form with your legs shoulder-width apart with your toes pointed slightly out. For an added challenge, use a barbell to add some weight.

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