Want a Flat Stomach? Stop Eating These 6 Foods

Sometimes, a few simple tweaks are all it takes to give your diet a boost. For example, there are foods that you can avoid to help you lose weight and minimize abdominal bloating, which not only causes physical discomfort but is a barrier to getting the abs of your dreams. Whether it’s from bloat or you’re carrying those last few pounds around your middle, do yourself a favor and cut these six foods out of your diet now.

1. Soda

soda in a fridge

soda in a fridge Soda can cause you to look bloated. |

Not only can drinking it regularly make you gain weight from all those extra calories, but carbonated drinks can cause excessive bloat — even those without calories can still cause gas to get trapped in you stomach. If you’re feeling bloated, drinking peppermint tea may help.

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