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Want to Build Muscle? Incorporate These 7 Foods Into Your Diet

You want to pack on some serious muscle. It’s understandable, but a lot harder than simply working some squats and deadlifts into your daily routine. You not only need to have the discipline to develop and stick to a weight lifting regimen, but you also need to fuel your body with the elements you need to build muscle. That means lots of protein, and very little, if any, sugars, fats, and foods dense in empty calories and carbs. In fact, since you plan on gaining mass, you need to be eating more calories than you need — so that your body can build on top of what you already have.

Here are seven of the best foods you can eat for building some serious muscle.

1. Eggs


eggs Eggs are an important muscle-building food. | iStock.com

You can easily make eggs a staple — they’re relatively cheap, packed with vitamins and protein, and can be cooked in a number of ways. If you really want to get after it, you can just go for the egg whites, which will lower the calorie content, but also means you miss out on some nutrients. Still, eggs are one of the most complete whole foods you can get your hands on, and for those of you looking to pack on muscle, a fresh carton should always be close at hand.