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Want to Lose Inches? 7 Bodybuilding Exercises to Avoid

There’s some confusion in the workout world when it comes to losing inches. This goal requires lots of cardio and resistance training, but all too often, we end up doing inch-increasing bodybuilding exercises instead. When this happens, you end up building up muscle instead — a counter to the inch-losing goal you previously set. Like, if you start doing crunches to trim down your waistline, only to find that crunches can actually add to your midsection. (More on that in just a second.)

The best way to remedy this is to steer clear of some muscle-building exercises that are going make you bulk up. Here are seven exercises you should avoid if your goal is to lose inches.

1. Squats with weights

female athlete doing squat with barbell

female athlete doing squat with barbell This exercise is a muscle-builder, not a body-trimmer. | iStock.com/criene

This all-encompassing lower body workout is great for targeting every muscle from your backside down to your calves. Squats are not, however, an ideal workout if you want to lose inches, especially if you do them with a barbell. As Chron.com explains, losing weight in the glute or thigh region isn’t possible without a healthy meal plan and a cardio-centric workout. If you want to implement lower body exercises into your workout a couple times a week to stay strong, consider a cardio workout with lunges, or weight-free squats.

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