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Want to Lose Weight? Cut These 10 Things Out of Your Diet This Second

Woman Adjusting Weight Scale

Woman Adjusting Weight Scale You’ll want to cut some things out of your diet to lose weight. | iStock.com

Losing weight can be tough. You want to slim down, but unless you have the stamina to dedicate the next few months to your body, you’ll also want to maintain a social life, which means cocktails after work and an occasional slice of pizza late at night. Most of us wake up, look at ourselves in the mirror, and decide that it’s time to make a change to lose weight. That change typically means better eating and more regular workouts, but it isn’t foolproof. There will be days when things don’t go as planned and a cupcake is consumed or a run is skipped.

You may try different diets, calorie counting, or increasing your workouts, but sometimes the lack of weight loss could be due to something you’re not even aware of. As it turns out, the healthy foods you’re relying on to slim down may be to blame.

Though many snacks and other processed products aimed toward dieters are low in calories or fat, they aren’t providing any nutrients or energy. These foods sustain you for a moment before leaving you hungry and looking for something else to consume. When you’re trying to shed weight with long-term results, it’s important to eat real, whole foods. To work your way there, cut these things out of your diet.