Want Younger-Looking Hands? Give These Anti-Aging Hand Treatments a Try

When it comes to aging skin — whether you’re in your mid-20s or mid-60s — we can all agree: Your hands go first. Although a number of factors are at play, neglect is the biggest culprit. If you’ve never thought to apply sunscreen to your hands before going for a drive or hate using hand cream, this one’s for you.

From a hand cream that gets rid of wrinkles and improves elasticity in less than two weeks to a sugar scrub that sloughs off rough skin and impurities, we’re sharing the best anti-aging hand treatments here.

1. The Chemistry Brand Hand Chemistry

Anti-aging hand treatments Hand Chemistry

Anti-aging hand treatments Hand Chemistry The Chemistry Brand Hand Chemistry | The Chemistry Brand

Say goodbye to aging hands with The Chemistry Brand Hand Chemistry ($20). The highly concentrated, multifunctional hand cream works simultaneously to treat eight signs of aging — firmness, elasticity, brightness, texture, density, evenness, smoothness and hydration — and promote younger-looking hands. Formulated with a 19.5% active complex, the hydrating hand cream is enriched with a biotechnological derivative of the mushroom, Tremella Fuciformis Sporocarp. This amazing plant is 400 times more powerful than the body’s natural hydrator: hyaluronic acid.

The cream causes the skin’s moisture level to increase by 11% in just 12 hours, 21% in 24 hours, and a whopping 32% in one month. The results? Skin that appears smoother, firmer, and more youthful in just 10 days.

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