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Wardrobe Essentials for Every Stylish Man

When it comes to menswear, separating the sartorially superior from the fashion rookies is no easy feat. Before you even ask yourself why, let’s face it: In 2017, most men have the same printed button-downs, high-octane polos, and khaki pants. Fortunately, all hope for securing your reputation as a stylish man is not lost yet. Simply adding a few fashion-forward pieces will help foster your well-dressed reputation. Intrigued? Read on for the wardrobe essentials every stylish man needs.

1. A pair of dressy sneakers

Sneakers are among our favorite wardrobe essentials

Sneakers are among our favorite wardrobe essentials Sneakers are among our favorite wardrobe essentials. | iStock.com

Want to tell whether a guy is stylish? Check his shoes. A stylish man doesn’t need to know the difference between fancy Italian brands such as Boglioli and Brioni, but he will know one piece of fashion knowledge: wear good shoes. The rest of your outfit may suggest stylish gentleman, but strolling around in a pair of dirty gym shoes — read: The ones you wore earlier today on your morning run — screams childish. Don’t fret, sneakerheads: ditching your favorite kicks for all non-exercise activities doesn’t mean you must sacrifice your comfort. Instead, opt for a clean pair of dressy sneakers. Whether lace-ups or slip-ons, a pair of low-maintenance shoes in a neutral color — think a crisp white or versatile grey- is the perfect balance of dressy, casual, and comfortable.

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