Warning Signs of Divorce: 15 of the Worst Jobs for a Marriage

“As long as we both shall live” and other lovey-dovey phrases of the like sound promising at the time. And you probably really meant what you said as you stood in front of a captive audience affirming your vows to each other. But months later as excitement wanes, you both go back to work and into your normal routines. Suddenly, marriage bliss becomes marriage distress. What happened?

The stress and hours brought on by your careers all contribute to something far removed from the picture-perfect life you both envisioned during the honeymoon stage, which could ultimately lead to divorce. According to a new study from career site Zippia, some jobs are harder on a marriage than others. Zippia looked at the divorce rates for a range of professions and found the worst jobs for marriage.

Is your job leading you down a path of destruction? With such high divorce rates, you could be heading for a marriage disaster if you work in one of these 15 professions — especially for one industry in particular, whose job titles nab three of the top 10 spots on this list.

15. Probation officers and correctional treatment

scene with correctional officer in "Orange is the New Black"

scene with correctional officer in "Orange is the New Black" Some professions are harder on a marriage than others. | Netflix

Heavy workloads and extensive paperwork will undoubtedly cause strain in a marriage. With such high stress, these professionals see higher than average divorce rates than other workers. With a divorce rate by age 30 that hovers at about 15%, according to Zippia, it’s understandable why probation and correctional officers are some of the worst jobs for marriage.

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