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Watch this : Never Ignore Any Form Of Racism.

To hear a”self proclaimed” Red Neck speak on the racial injustices in America, call upon the American people to open their eyes to fight against racism AND to learn about the “black, Brown” experience is refreshing! We all have a roll to play in eradicating racism.
This goes for every country, every race. I’d love to know what changed his mind, whatever it was, it needs to be handed out at every corner . It begins with us. One person at a time, then keep multiplying it . Many people think Jesus was white, He isn’t . They say God created man in His image, not a color . We are all equal in Gods eyes, and it’s Him I follow. God bless you sir for standing up and speaking up !
This man proves that people can change !! Not all white people are racist !! But his words are for all the racist out there black white and brown wake up and stop it ! Respect to you SIR!