Ways To Treat Acne on a Small Budget

Acne is a skin condition that occurs as a result of a combination of several factors. The skin lining starts the production of the skin at a high rate. Dead cells, therefore, accumulate faster than the sebum produced in the skin pores pushing them to the surface. The oily sebum, therefore, gets trapped under the skin surface along with the bacteria, acne. The skin immunity generates an inflammation to destroy the bacteria, which produces chemicals targeting the healthy skin. As more of the chemicals are produced, the skin develops acne. The process that acne develops in the skin constitutes the steps above and stopping any of them is a way to treat the acne. While there may not be the best treatment for acne, there are some ways to which one can prevent further development of the same. Below are some of them:

Use of honey: Other than being delicious, honey is one of the cheapest and natural ways to deal with acne. It is an antibiotic, perfect for treating and reducing the development of pimples on the skin. It also removes any excess dirt from the skin. To use honey, two tablespoons of goodlen elixir is mixed with a cinnamon teaspoon and making application on the face. After ten minutes, it is washed off suing warm water.

jar of honey

Toothpaste: Silica, being one of the toothpaste components makes it the best option to deal with pimples which need faster cleaning. Silica is also found in beef jerky bags, and it keeps moisture out. It, therefore, dries out and reduces the size of the pimples easily. It can be made to use by making application of toothpaste on the areas affected before sleeping and washing them off early morning.

Cucumber: This is an anti-inflammatory substance which helps reduce pimples’ redness. It can be prepared for use by mixing thinly grated cucumber with two spoonfuls of lemon juice and making applications to the skin and washing them off after fifteen minutes.

Aspirin: just like a cucumber, Aspirin is also an anti-inflammatory substance. Given its availability especially at homes, making use of it to treat acne is a productive way to dispose of it. It can be made to use by making a paste of one art to three parts of water and mixing them to thicken after which it is applied on the area affected. Once applied, it takes around 30 minutes to harden and start to flake off. Once this happens, it can be wiped off using a face cloth.

Do not pop: Popping them makes the skin area inflammable leading to scarring. It also causes the bacteria in a pimple to spread to across to other skin pores, therefore, infecting them. This leads to the growth of pimples all over the skin. Popping pimples is something most people do, either consciously or otherwise. While this urge to pop is tempting and gratifying, fighting the urge is the best way to deal with them.

Aloe Vera: This is one of the best substances to apply on the skin surface. It not only cools down but also reduces the inflammation and redness on the skin. It further removes oil from the skin.

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Written by Jessica Sullivan

Jessica Sullivan hails from Los Angeles I'm a writer, Musician, professional nail artist and have a degree in acting from NYU.

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