Torz Reynolds, a young woman of 27 years discovered that her boyfriend “Chopper” has a relationship with another woman.

He said he had to move to another state because of his work, but it is not true, he has moved with another woman and is literally cheating on Torz.
When Torz discovered that she was obviously furious and decided to inform her ex-boyfriend in a rather radical way.

Indeed, Torz had a tattoo on the forearm that read Chopper’s Bi **h. She decided to “butcher” this tattoo and send the flesh to her ex-boyfriend who is now living with another woman.

Yes, you read that right … the young woman cut the tattoo on his forearm and sent in a jar to her ex! It took her 90 minutes of intense pain to do that with a scalpel.
Here are some images to the skeptics who do not believe a word … beware, this is not for the faint of heart, of course!