What to Do With Your Wardrobe After Losing (or Gaining) Weight

Losing or gaining weight means that at some point your clothes are just not going to fit properly anymore. There is no need to throw away your entire wardrobe or start from scratch. If you lost a lot of weight, tailoring your suits or buying new pieces might be in store. On the other hand if you gain weight, then getting a few budget friendly essentials might be a temporary solution. Before splurging on new clothes, read our tips to get you started.

Do a closet audit

clothes in a closet

clothes in a closet Sort through everything in your closet. |

Take a weekend to go through your entire wardrobe. Try on all of your clothes to see what fits and what doesn’t. Set aside clothing that’s too baggy or tight-fitting. You can set them on piles to either donate, sell, or throw it away later. Assemble different outfits with the clothing that you kept and make a shopping list of wardrobe staples you’ll need to buy.

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