What Would Happen If Americans Stopped Eating Meat?

It probably doesn’t surprise you that Americans eat a lot of meat — and some options are much healthier than others. On average, we consume more of it than most other countries around the world.

What would a meatless America look like — if the economy ever actually allowed that to happen? Would we be healthier? Wealthier? A lot would likely change — and mostly for the better.

New cases of heart disease would probably decline

Woman eating steak in a restaurant.

Woman eating steak in a restaurant. That Friday night steak could be causing health problems. | Superanry/iStock/Getty Images

Too much meat isn’t good for your heart. It’s quite possible that rates of heart disease in the U.S. would significantly decrease if we ate less meat. Research continuously discovers possible links between meat consumption and diseases related to the heart. Various chemical compounds and nutrients, like saturated fat, interfere with the heart’s normal processes, putting our lives in danger daily.

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