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What You Can Tell About a Man by Looking in His Bathroom

You may not think much of a guy’s bathroom cabinet, but this little destination may tell many a tale about the measure of the man (or at least something of his personal grooming habits). Is he the scrappy, get-by-on-nearly-nothing dude, or a high-maintenance metrosexual? Is he concerned with aging well, or simply shaving well? How much face time does he feel is necessary? Unlock all the answers to these questions and more with these key indicator products that will clue you in — once you take a quick glance in that bathroom cabinet. Men, take heed and make sure you’re saying the right things with that cabinet of yours.

1. Disposable razor and toothpaste

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Toothbrush and toothpaste Just having a toothbrush and razor in your bathroom is a sign of major minimalism. | iStock.com

A medicine cabinet with a disposable razor and toothpaste — and nothing else — is at the height of extreme minimalism for a man. A rugged bar of old soap may also be on the vanity alongside the standard manual toothbrush. This is close to the scrappiest grooming regimen that this soap-and-water guy can achieve while still presenting himself without too many a raised eyebrow in public. It’s nearly a survivalist, bare-essentials-only mentality — maybe this man spent time in the military or one too many days in the frat house. He’s definitely a good backpacker and camper; packing light is his strength.

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