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What’s in a Name

What’s in a Name?

Our names attribute exceptional significance and meaning to our existence as human beings. All with just a name, it is often possible that one’s success can be predetermined, simply based on the name that they’ve been given. Names can contribute to or detract from one’s potential to reach certain achievements. The success and harmony that many of us seek in life, is in some cases, determined by the strength and balance that our name exudes to others and to the universe. There is true power in a name and careful thought must be taken when bestowing a moniker upon another. A solid, well balanced name can be a major, contributing factor in the accomplishments that individuals are able to achieve on this earth. A weaker, less balanced name can also contribute to the opposite, by inhibiting individuals successes and keeping them from realizing the true potential that is within them. By doing a bit of research, it is possible to find a name or moniker,t hat is more fitting of the mission you seek to complete in your life. Whether your name is already effective for you, you choose to keep your name the same or you decide to change it to something new, what’s in a name, is solely up to you.