What’s The Right Age To Get Married?

Marriage is an overloaded term. It comes with different perceptions based on the legal, traditional and the religious definitions. Legally, depending on the country, marriage comes with some obligations to both partners and perks in rights to visitations, tax breaks, and others. Traditions established what they call marriageable age while religion talks of love as the solid foundation. The contemporary society recognizes four aspects as the prerequisites of a successful marriage. These include financial growth, understanding, love and communication. While all these could be essential for a healthy marriage, they cannot define an ‘ideal age’ in which one can get married. This is because these aspects come in at different stages of life among people. It therefore makes it hard to give a universal prescription as to the right age to get married.

There’s no such thing as the right time to get married.

Marriage has no ideal age. However, it has an egg timer in which an individual can wait till the relationship grows into what he or she feels is just right to get into it. I can compare it to maturity, a phenomenon which knows no age. This is because one individual may act in a matured manner at the age of 15 years while another acts childish at the age of 30 years. It, therefore, doesn’t matter maturity, however essential it is, because it is only partners who know of how each relates at different levels of their relationships.

The best age to get married is I believe when both partners have achieved the skills as well as the legal status of starting a family. It is the right age to marry when he or she has found someone whose character meets their threshold. It is the right age when an individual has already figured out what he wants from relationships and commitments that come with life. It is right when he or she has met and fallen for a person whose character and ideas on particular subjects are reasonably close to his or hers.

Marriage involves the ability to communicate compromise, trust, solve issues and make time to progressively, and continuously work on a relationship that matters. When partners do feel this way, then they are ripe for marriage. While variables such as culture, religion and legal aspects play a significant role in defining the age to get married, such things as personal and partner goals, as well as resolutions and commitments, are very crucial to a large extent. Love also is the foundation through which the many aspects above come into play and without which, the whole aspect of marriage comes to an inevitable end. I, therefore, do not subscribe to the definite existence of the ideal age to get married. However, when two partners in a relationship can independently take care of themselves financially and can develop an emotional understanding of the complications that come with marriage as well as ready to unite physically, spiritually and emotionally, then that is the right age to get married.

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