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When grandparents discover Snapchat

Grandparents were made to use Snapchat for the first time. Even if they found it fun, most of them do not really understand why this application is so successful.

Snapchat is a photo and video sharing application available on platforms such as iOS and Android. The special feature of this application is the existence of a media viewing time limit sent to its recipients. Each photo or video uploaded can be seen by the recipient that for a period of time ranging from one to ten seconds, then the media becomes unavailable for use and is deleted from the servers.

We wanted to find out what older people would think of an application such as Snapchat, mostly used by teenagers. So even if they do not necessarily have a problem using a smartphone, few would have heard of the application and who can take a selfie. Once the picture is taken, then they find they can write and draw on top, which does not really seem to delight them. A few minutes later, they finally arrived at their first post picture on the application. Some find the idea of ​​sharing pictures that disappear after 24 hours pretty good, most are not convinced by the usefulness of the application, or regretting not being able to keep the image that they have sent or, conversely, that they do not trust the Internet because everything is still registered there.

So when they discover much controversy surrounding Snapchat because users think they can share very intimate photos without the risk that they are then disseminated without their agreement, while it is possible to make screen shots and even to hack the application, they become even more suspicious. Thus, they say it is important not post photos which you might regret, because you never know where they could be found later