Finding a good facialist is kind of like finding a good partner: Most of us have to shop around a little before we settle on “the one.” And, much like bad relationships, bad facials can leave us unhappy, dissatisfied, and maybe a little emotionally scarred from the experience.

For that reason, personal recommendation is easily the most desired way to book a facial: You want to make sure you’re in trusted, capable hands — you know, the kind that can extract without breaking the skin, that will leave you pleasantly pink (not beet red!) after a good peel, or give you the glow you want all year round.

Ahead, a few beauty-obsessed New Yorkers share who they trust with their flawless faces.

Silver Mirror

With two locations in NYC — on the Upper East Side and Flatiron — not only is Silver Mirror convenient for most Manhattanites, but the sleek setup also caters to whatever kind of facial you’re looking for. Some of the most-requested treatments include the signature facial (offered for 30 or 50 minutes, customized to your personal concerns), dermaplaning, LED light therapy, deep peels, and a rotating menu of seasonal services. Also good to note if you’re traveling south of the tristate to Washington D.C., and looking for a facial: There’s a new Silver Mirror outpost in Dupont Circle.

Silver Mirror Facial Bar, multiple locations.Courtesy of Silver Mirror Facial Bar

Kate Somerville

On the top floor of NYC’s new Nordstrom flagship lives a sprawling beauty space where you can get a blowout, mani pedi, brow touch-up, or the most worth-it service of them all: A facial or medical-grade treatment at the city’s first and only Kate Somerville Clinic. From the 50-minute signature facial to the microneedling and injectable options — yes, they have Botox and dermal filler — every service is provided by knowledgable and well-trained aestheticians. No matter which you opt for first, your skin will be tightened and plumped in all the right places, plus you’ll have a step-by-step plan for how to maintain that glow with Kate Somerville skin-care products.

Nordstrom NYC: Kate Somerville Clinic, 235 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019; (212) 295-2220.Courtesy of Kate Somerville

Inderma Studio

Founded by aesthetician Nichelle Temple in 2017, Inderma specializes in all the trendy treatments you’re probably dying to try, including dermaplaning, high frequency, LED therapy, microcurrent therapy, and even gua sha, the facial massage technique that’s all over Instagram. With six years of experience providing facials, Temple creates custom experiences for each client and offers extractions that won’t make your eyes water. Tucked into a quaint, candle-lit studio that’s cozy and comfortable, check out this spot if you’re looking for an instantly lifted, glowing visage.

Inderma Studio, 25 W 26th St, Suite 415; (929) 260-3158.Photo: Inderma Studio.

Rescue Spa

If you live in New York, Rescue Spa might’ve been the first place you ever experienced Biologique Recherche, the iconic French brand known for making science-heavy skin care kind of sexy (and making an exfoliating liquid that smells like years-old vinegar a must-have for every in-the-know beauty enthusiast). You’ll walk out of this massive Union Square location with glowing skin that’s better than any filter. And with a service menu several pages deep, every single option will leave you feeling like you just got a bespoke treatment… even when you didn’t.

Rescue Spa, 29 East 19th Street; (866) 772-2766.

The Sisley-Paris Spa

A romantic space in The Carlyle hotel makes for a sensational experience. The main attraction? The Phyto-Aromatic facials, a series that uses some of the Parisian brand’s top-rated products. Or opt for a massage, wax, or full body treatment (we recommend the Zen Harmony for ultimate relaxation).

The Sisley-Paris Spa, 35 East 76th Street (3rd Floor at The Carlyle); (212) 660-7560.


As the name suggests, the most popular treatments on the menu at this posh West Village spa are the injectables, namely Botox. The intimate space is quaint and minimalist by design, to create a light, cool, non-stuffy environment for quick and effective medical-grade skin treatments. Obviously, the syringe isn’t for everyone, but if you’re looking to treat yourself to a damn-good chemical peel, hydrating facial, or microneedling with PRP, this is a great spot. Most regulars cocktail the signature Ject Infusion Facial with routine Botox, but some just opt for the former; either way, you’ll walk out glowing.

JECT, 138 West 10th Street; (917) 573 6806.

Natura Bissē

If you go here, be sure to ask for the novel treatment-inside-a-bubble concept made for both face and body. Why? It’s all about pure air. Jump inside this isolated space free of polluting particles, viral, bacterial, and allergen agents for the Natura Bissē Bubble Pure air Diamond Experience Facial. The goal is to treat your lungs and your skin to quality air and promote maximized efficacy of the tailored skin-care treatment with the brand’s Diamond Extreme line (or whatever your skin needs). Think: Bubble Boy, but a hell of a lot more glamorous.

If you’re trying this out for the first time, here’s a taste of what might go down: a hydrating cleanse, a customized treatment from your aesthetician, rejuvenating eye treatment, perfecting mask and exfoliating massage, and a color-adapt treatment (a CC cream to leave you protected and even).

Natura Bissē, Shibui Spa, 377 Greenwich Street (The Greenwich Hotel); (646) 203-0045.

Haven Spa

If you’re looking for a variety of facials, look no further than Haven Spa in NoHo. This pretty spot boasts a long list of creative treatments for your face and body with a bevy of add-ons — including a vitamin C infusion mask that boosts skin’s radiance.

But don’t stop at your face. One of our editors went to Haven for their Peach Smoothie treatment — which is basically a facial for your vulva. Hey, don’t knock it ’til you try it.

Haven Spa, 250 Mercer Street (at East 4th St); (212) 343-3515.Photo: Courtesy of Haven Spa.

Sadick Dermatology

For celebrity makeup artist Beau Nelson, good skin is an integral part of the job. After all, it’s what his A-list clients (like Kristen Stewart and Nicole Richie) are inspecting while he’s getting up close and personal with them in the chair.

Nelson regularly visits Luzinete at Sadick Dermatology on the Upper East Side. “I get the deep-cleansing facial and the AHA treatment,” he says. “Luzinete is gentle and efficient, and the service leaves my skin clean and glowing for weeks,” which is crucial, considering he’s constantly hopping between coasts for work. “She also introduced me to [topical gel] Epiduo,” he adds, “which I use once or twice a week to keep my skin totally clear.”

Sadick Dermatology, 911 Park Avenue (at East 80th Street); (212) 772-7242.Photo: Courtesy of Sadick Dermatology.

L’appartement Caudalie

Makeup artist Brigitte Reiss-Andersen works with some of the most legendary fashion photographers of our time. So it’s no surprise that all of the images she’s helped create have one common thread: perfect, luminous skin.

The artist herself has an immaculate complexion sans foundation, due in part to her diligent facial routine — but also thanks to where she gets her facials done. “I love Caudalie spa…in New York City,” she says. “I get a facial there called Vinosculpt, which involves a low-electric-current massage to give the face a visible lift. It really works!”

L’appartement Caudalie, 819 Madison Ave #4A; (212) 265-3182.

The Red Door Salon & Spa

Felicia Walker Benson is the editor-in-chief behind ThisThatBeauty, so therefore it’s her job to be in-the-know about where exactly to go and what exactly to get done. “I’m currently defying all signs of aging with Red Door Spa’s Advanced Brightening Facial,” she says. “Rachel, at their Garden City location, is my ‘glow-to’ girl. With just one session, my skin is visibly brighter and infinitely more radiant. Like, angels actually appear afterwards! It’s packed with loads of vitamins and antioxidants, so it’s awesome for targeting hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tones.”

Red Door Spa, multiple locations.

Ildi Pekar Skin Care

Makeup legend Rose-Marie Swift, founder of cult brand RMS Beauty, is known for being very particular about what she puts on her face. (Hence why her line is filled with delicious ingredients like coconut and jojoba oils, rosemary extract, and beeswax.) So whoever’s touching her face on a regular basis must be up to her high standards.

“I see Ildi Pekar for her Refine Facial and Creative Fitness Sessions for body,” Swift says. “She also has an organic skin-care line that she worked on for years that she uses during her procedures.” And if you’re into funky treatments you’d most likely hear about from a celeb’s Instagram, this is the spot to go. See: Pekar’s magnetic-cupping facial.

Ildi Pekar Skin Care, 20 East 49th Street; (212) 682-6080.Photo: Courtesy of Ildi Pekar.

Joanna Vargas

Vargas may have a slew of clients across the country, like Hollywood mainstays Julianne Moore and Naomi Watts, but she’s garnered a cult-like following from New York celebs like super-stylist Kate Young and fitness guru Taryn Toomey. “I go to see Joanna as often as I can,” Young says. “I totally relax when I’m with her, and it makes an incredible difference in my skin. People really notice — it’s totally effective.”

“Joanna has a gift,” Toomey adds. “She non-invasively lifts and revives layers of your face you didn’t know you had lost.”

Her signature treatment, the Triple Crown Facial, rings in at $550 for an hour (with Vargas herself; $250 for another esthetician). It’s a microcurrent facial, segmented into three steps, that literally enhances the contours of your face, reducing puffiness and enhancing elasticity.

Joanna Vargas, 501 Fifth Avenue (at 42nd Street); (212) 949-2350.

Georgia Louise

British aesthetician Georgia Louise is an East Coast favorite among beauty insiders (Gucci Westman is a client) and actresses alike — and we understand why. Her signature Microcurrent Lift facial helps to do just that, and all of her treatments are geared toward naturally lifting cheekbones and brows, de-puffing and brightening the face, and softening fine lines through deep-tissue massage, microcurrent treatments, and more. And by more we mean her celeb-favorite penis facial, the treatment Cate Blanchett and Sandra Bullock credit for their youthful glow.

Georgia Louise, 114 East 71st Street (near Park Avenue), #1E; (212) 472-1400.Photo: Courtesy of Georgia Louise.


If you’re looking to take the hassle and expense out of choosing, booking, and committing to a two-hour monthly facial, Heyday is your godsend. The menu offers up three facial options (one 30-minutes, one 50, and the other 75), to help avoid the anxiety that comes with picking from a never-ending treatment list, one can only assume.

Heyday, 67 West 71st Street; (212) 796-7796.Photo: Courtesy of Heyday.

SB Skin

Sally Hansen global color ambassador Madeline Poole is one of the coolest girls in the beauty biz. And considering she’s worked with just about every beauty editor, stylist, makeup artist, and hair guru in New York City, it comes as no surprise that her facialist is the kind of cult favorite you only hear about through word of mouth. “I go to Shamara Bondaroff,” Poole says. “Everything is as natural as it can be, her creams smell amazing, and she uses rosewater and homemade tinctures. Her facials are so relaxing, I can fall asleep.”

In Bondaroff’s bed, Poole gets microcurrent facials, “a non-invasive rejuvenation of the muscles in the face. I’m not sure if I’m unlucky or if it’s because I squint all day looking at tiny fingernails, but I’ve developed some premature wrinkles. This is the best and most holistic way to soften the tension.”

SB Skin, 37 West 19th Street, #3; (917) 243-1389.

Bliss Spa

If we had to guess, we’d say it was the Triple Oxygen Facial that cemented Bliss as a skin hot spot. The treatment involves a targeted peel, an energizing enzyme pack, three different forms of oxygen, and an oxygen spray to awaken your complexion and leave your skin brighter than when you walked in. Refreshing? To say the very least.

Bliss Spa, 568 Broadway #2; (877) 862-5477.


If you feel like your skin is at the point of no return, go straight to Daphne. It’s a cozy space that feels like it was plucked from a Parisian street and offers heavy-hitting, transformative treatments like microcurrent and micro-needling, plus superb (but gentle) extractions.

With waxing, sugaring, and microblading services also on the menu, this location is truly a one-stop shop. It even exclusively carries products from Biologique Recherche.

Daphne, 375 Broome Street; (347) 382-8807.Photo: Courtesy of Daphne.

Organic Pharmacy

While the majority of the brand’s spas are located in the UK, the New York shop is loaded with all the luxe treatments that exclusively use the brand’s organic formulas.

We prefer the exfoliating treatments, like the Rose Crystal Lymphatic Facial and Hdrya Diamond Exfoliation services. But if you’re in the market for some good ol’ youth-rejuvenating treatments, this is your spot, too. Several of the treatments include microcurrent tools to lift, firm, and hydrate, so you’ll leave — after an hour of relaxation — looking completely refreshed.

Organic Pharmacy, 353 Bleecker Street, (212) 929-7407.


If you ever pay a visit to this uptown spa, go for the MDNA Skin Signature Facial with leading aesthetician Edyta Jarosz. Or stay for the entire menu of top-notch facials and other services, like chemical peels and a comprehensive purifying facial featuring extractions and oxygen LED lights.

PFRANKMD Skin Salon, 1049 5th Ave., Suite 2B; (212) 226-3480.

La Prairie Spa

If you’re looking for a crazy-luxe spa experience, check out the La Prairie Spa inside New York’s storied Ritz Carlton Hotel. The spa itself is small, but the services are top-notch.

The treatments are variations on the traditional facial use products from La Prairie, of course. Head on over if you’re looking for an excellent extraction session that’ll leave your pores free of debris and without any residual marks. Check out one of the spa’s most expensive treatments in this video.

La Prairie Spa at the Ritz Carlton New York, 50 Central Park South, (212) 308-9100.appearance by Mi-Anne Chan.

NYDG Integral Health & Wellness

The New York Dermatology Group (led by Dr. David Colbert) offers city dwellers the full experience of a Susanne Kaufmann facial without having to book a flight to Bregenzerwald, Austria. Although the upscale wellness space offers other health therapies, like IVs and cryotherapy, it’s the menu’s Kaufmann offerings that have us hooked. Perhaps it’s because the products are so good (each collection includes a specific recipe of botanical ingredients fit for certain skin concerns) or that the treatments are the sort of rejuvenating refresh our faces need when the season change, but either way, it’s worth the splurge (and we mean splurge — the Transformative Facial is $475).

NYDG Integral Health & Wellness, 119 5th Avenue, 2nd Floor, (212) 352-3333.

The Spa At Life Time Athletic New York

Inside the swanky Life Time Athletic gym is an equally swanky spa where you can get a facial after yoga (or just because). The upscale location features a variety of services, but if you’re going to get a treatment done, try the HydraFacial, which uses a unique cleansing tool to remove dead skin and exfoliate all while pumping antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and serums back into your face.

The Spa at Life Time Athletic New York, 605 West 42nd Street, (212) 564-1300.

Tracie Martyn

When celebrities like Rihanna and Anne Hathaway need to get their skin in tip-top shape, they flock to this cult 5th Avenue spot founded by celebrity facialist Tracie Martyn and holistic nutritionist Marius Morariu. With a focus on microcurrent, natural ingredients, LED, and the gentlest, can-barely-feel-them extractions, it’s the kind of facial that leaves your skin looking better when you come out, rather than red or blotchy. After three monthly treatments, our beauty director Cat Quinn says her typically oily and acne-prone skin looked so much firmer, smoother, and glowier that her fiancé started going before the wedding, too.

Tracie Martyn, 101 5th Avenue, 11th Floor, (212) 206-9333.

Photo: Courtesy of Tracie Martyn.

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