Why are marriages failing these days ?

Marriage is a beautiful thing or was. 50% of marriages nowadays end in divorce. What happened to happy ever after, until death does us apart, rich and poor or thick and thin. All those sweet promises couples used to make to each other when getting married .why are all these people dropping out from this institution of marriage. I still think it’s possible to fall in love, get married and grow old together if it’s done right.

Cheating. Infidelity always tops the list, either it’s the man or woman who is the cheater in the relationships, it’s almost never forgiven. However much couples seek advises from family and friends or go to therapy, there is always an element of mistrust in the marriage and the person who gets cheated never gets over it.Sooner or later they accept that things can never go back to the way they were and get divorced.

Marrying for the wrong reasons- a good foundation is good for marriage. Some people marry because age is catching up with them, pressure from family and friends or just because they think it’s the right thing to do. These are all wrong reasons to settle down. When you finally get married, you won’t find a good reason to stay married. You all look at your partner and regret why you married her or him in the first place.

Finances. Imagine this, you work hard for your money, and all you want is save as much as you want to prepare for your future while your partner is quite the opposite. He or she loves spending money and lives in the moment. Being financially incompatible brings conflict in the marriage which most of the times end in divorce because it’s almost impossible for such two people to co-exist.

Abuse. You never really get to know your partner when you are dating. Either because they pretend to perfect and loving or because you are too blind to see who they really are. Once two people get married it’s too hard to pretend because you are always with that person. Some people walk away from marriages because of abuse both emotional and physical.

You share different interests. Your husband loves watching sports while you love watching action movies which he hates. He loves spending his free time outdoors while you wish you would work from home .this is one of the top catalysts of a broken marriage. Enjoying the same things helps a couple spend more time together and grow fond of each other day by day. The more couples spend time apart, the more the distance and the greater the chance of getting divorced. Before getting married to someone, you should make sure you share common interest and hobbies.

Boring or nonexistent sex life. Good sex is vital for any marriage to last. There are many reasons that make sex get boring. One, the same routine of having sex and never trying new things. Sex should be exciting, and adventures for someone to look forward to it .without regular sex can turn out to be boring.

Just because many couples are divorcing every single day doesn’t mean your marriage will end too. Make the right choices for a better foundation. Believe in happy ever after.

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