Why are we attracted to the wrong people

For some reason guys and girls alike, most often seek partners that do not completely complement or suit them. A great deal of individuals pick mates based on appearance and confidence alone, which may get you a few great dates or sexual encounters, but doesn’t usually lead to long term, stable unions. In the short term, people seeking sexual partners, look for the most confident, most attractive and most unqualified matches. While, people looking for stable, long term partners look past the image of their mate and more at the solid characteristics they can offer to a serious relationship. It is said that biology is somewhat to blame for this, creating an image for women of strong sexual partners as being physically appealing, strapping and self assured, usually while they are ovulating. Men on the other hand, seem to be looking for the best woman/mate to appeal to their physical desires and match up with them in the sack. Once again, this all changes when women and men start searching for more than sexual conquests and begin wanting the makings of a family.

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Written by Jessica Sullivan

Jessica Sullivan hails from Los Angeles I'm a writer, Musician, professional nail artist and have a degree in acting from NYU.

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