Why do some women prefer flats over heels

The way Victoria secret models owns the runway wearing six inch heels can make someone think that walking with heels is as easy as making a cup of coffee. You have never been wrong. To walk gracefully in heels needs practice and endurance, but why go to so much trouble? There is something about them that women can’t get enough of. They are sexy, elegant and stylish. They can give you a whole different character. The way they make you look thinner and taller is just awesome, and work magic for short women. Heels also have this effect on men, they can’t keep their eyes off a woman with a sexy pair of heels. Despite how perfect heels are, flats aren’t going anywhere in fact they are coming back with a bang more comfy and stylish.

What makes flats so unique and preferable that they are becoming the new heels?

They are more comfortable. You can do pretty anything in flats. Walk, lift and carry stuff without unnecessary strain, you can skip rope with your kids. On the other hand running around in your heels won’t be sexy when you trip and fall.

No injuries.It’s unlikely to twist your ankle wearing a pair of flats, a lot of women have injured themselves because of ridiculously high heels.

Cheaper .It goes without saying that flats a more lenient to the wallet than heels .Some of them are very expensive and only a certain class of people can afford them. You can get a great pair of flats for less than a hundred dollars.

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Less back problems. Research shows continuous wearing of heels is not good for your health. They can lead to back pains.They can make your joints and hips strain and muscle pain. Whereas flats do not have any negative effects on your health.

Flats are good for tall women. Women who are taller will look like they have lost it walking around in heels in the streets. Take model Karlie loss as an example .she is 6’1 tall. That is taller than average and a woman with such height is considered too tall. If she wore a six inch heels she would be 6’7 .crazy right. This is one of the reasons why she loves wearing flats even on the red carpet. She says she loves flats because of convenience and comfort.

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Keeps corns at bay. A well-fitting pair flats will help you avoid getting corns. In case you don’t know what corns are, they thickened skin on the toes caused by pressure especially from shoes. Corns can be very painful and make your feet look ugly forcing you to wear closed shoes all the time.

Of courseit’s practically impossible to live without these beautiful pieces but a day without pain, strain and discomfort is a really good one. With the new trends and designers sleepless nights there are classy flats in the market that can go with just anything. Your skinny jeans, skirt and even dresses. Style and comfort can make a bad day great.

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