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Why Dress Codes Are Doomed to Fail

In theory, dress codes seem like an excellent idea. If everyone conforms to a set of rules on how they should dress, everyone will look professional and represent the company’s corporate identity to the best of their ability. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong.

The reality of dress codes is that they aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. With the tech industry having more and more influence on corporate life, millennials coming of age and demanding balance, and the current conversations about gender equality and fluidity in the workplace, dress codes simply don’t have the same appeal they used to.

So, what exactly is wrong with having a dress code policy in place? And why are dress codes becoming increasingly relaxed? Ahead, we share a few of the most prominent reasons.

1. Dress codes don’t always represent equality

Heels don’t necessarily boost productivity. | MoustacheGirl/iStock.com

When it comes to office dress codes, they aren’t always considered equal. For instance, in the past, many dress codes had strict policies about women wearing heels to the office. With the current political climate and conversations surrounding gender equality and fluidity, comments on gender-specific dress code are increasingly viewed as sexist and inappropriate.

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